Savvy Foods Ltd
High grade Carob | Tahini | Agave | Date.

Savvy Foods is a UK manufacturer, retailer and bulk/wholesaler of various super foods, predominantly specialising in high-grade, organic Australian carob, for which the company has the exclusive supply rights to the whole of Europe and Turkey.
Our carob products come in four different formats under the OzCarob range: Raw and Roasted Powders, Nibbles and Syrup. We have also developed a range of super-premium Sweet Carob spreads, blending our carob syrup with the finest organic ingredients; pulped sesame, date syrup and cocoa together. Our Australian farmer has selected the five sweetest known varieties and sustainably grows
and produces in perfect conditions. The farm prides itself on knowledge of carob and has every conceivable certification relating to the highest standards, to prove the best-known practices and qualities.

No one else has grown the same variety of carob trees and nurtured them sustainably in the way we do on our single, family-run farm of 6000 trees. Then after naturally drying, using a unique, custom-made milling machine, which protects the product from heating, we obtain a guaranteed raw powder which is almost white, extremely fine and unequalled in taste.

Our facility is also the only certified nut-free and allergen-free carob facility in the world. We consider traceability extremely important, particularly given the salmonella-laced carob recalls in the last few years. Having a single-origin for your carob is therefore crucial. We assume your company aims to provide the best quality, taste and value. Whatever your intended use, once you have tried and tasted our carob, like our fast-growing consumer-base, it is extremely unlikely you will be satisfied with anything else. This is why more companies in Europe and beyond, are switching to our premium carob; to simply guarantee the best for their loyal and discerning customers, who’s knowledge of the best health foods is increasing fast.

We also trade in high quality organic agave syrup, organic date syrup.