Naturally Sweet Organic Carob Sesame Spread: Gold Original

Product Details

  • Brand Name
    • Savvy
  • Type
    • Sesame Paste
  • Primary Ingredient
    • Sesame
  • Packaging
    • Mason Jar

Detailed Product Description

Savvy Spreads are :

• Organic

• 100% natural

• No added sugar or oils, in fact nothing at all added!

• Gluten-free

• Free from refined sugars, wheat, dairy free, soya, saturated fats and palm oil

• Deep satisfying flavours. Continuing excellent customer reactions

• Huge health benefits especially for athletes, active lifestyles, growing children etc

• Includes aspects of all popular spreads (nut, choc, peanut, yeast, jam, honey)

• Carob virtually unknown as high-energy food source

• All ingredients known as medicines and high-level energy food sources

• Vegetarian & vegan

• “More likeable than nut butters” (Govt. funded study, June 2014)