Australian Organic Raw Carob Nibbles 150g

Product Details

  • Brand Name
    • Savvy
  • Taste
    • Sweet
  • Style
    • Snack

Detailed Product Description

Carob is:

• Not a chocolate substitute (but has a slight chocolaty flavour)

• Naturally sweet

• Best eaten raw

• Low GI

• Available in many different strains

• High in fibre

• Low in fat

• A source of calcium

• Good for lowering cholesterol

• Rich in anti-diabetic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

• Beneficial in control of many health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and colon cancer

Savvy’s Organic Australian Carob is:

• The only certified nut-free and allergy-free carob in the world

• Trees were selected and reared especially for the taste and quality

• Sustainably farmed

• Naturally dried

• Powders are the finest milled in the world

• Nibbles are the only ones on the food market in the EU

• Exclusively distributed by Savvy Foods in the EU

• Sweet and tastes amazing